Michael A. Nicklas

Michael, co-founder of Iota Studios, is responsible for business development in addition to executive producing and directing many of Iota's projects. Michael brings ten years of experience in the Media and Entertainment industry to Iota. He has led strategic initiatives and technology projects for companies ranging from Viacom to Univision to ABC/Disney.

Michael produced his first documentary, Four Saints in Three Acts, in 1996 for exhibition at Lincoln Center. It was later adapted for Connecticut Public Television. Michael's interest in film and documentary dates back to his work as a photographer at Dizie Gillespie's jazz club in Washington DC. An early fascination with the science of image and filmmaking (Ansel Adam's f64 club and zone theory) combined with an eclectic set of subject matter interests (ranging from African religion to Amazonian linguistics) has propelled him to documentary filmmaking.

Michael has a BA in International Relations from The American University in Washington, DC and was a Fulbright Fellow in Anthropology at the University of Coimbra in Portugal before pursuing further graduate studies in Religion and Anthropology at Indiana University.

Ona Kiser
Creative Director

Ona oversees creative development and production across media for Iota Studios. A co-founder of Iota Studios, Ona adds a wealth of experience in both content development and production management. Ona has led high-profile broadband projects for MIT, IBM, and Tiffany & Co., and produced several experimental documentary shorts.

Ona studied in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and in Anthropology and Religious Studies at Indiana University, both graduate-level programs. She has researched, taught, and written on the history of sectarian religious groups, non-traditional medical movements, and trance/possession rituals in the Americas.

Ona balances her work in digital media with traditional visual arts, including extensive work as a photographer and videographer of horses. More information about her work with horses, including a gallery of photos and information about services offered, can be found here.